Refund Policy & FAQs

What does Dialboxx do:

Our company provides software to assist businesses in establishing their online store and selling items on the internet. It is important to note that does not own any of the items sold through these stores; we only offer technological solutions for creating and running online stores.

Now, could you guide me on obtaining a refund for my purchase?

You should have received updates regarding your order through WhatsApp/SMS or Email, which also includes the seller's contact information. We advise you to contact the seller directly through the provided information and request a refund or return directly from them.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q1) What is Dialboxx and how does the platform work?

Dialboxx offers a user-friendly platform for running, overseeing, and expanding your online business. You have the ability to establish your own virtual storefront, incorporate merchandise, keep track of inventory, receive electronic payments, and perform a variety of other tasks. By utilizing Dialboxx, you can easily elevate your business to the next level in a quick and efficient manner.


Q2) How much does Dialboxx cost?

Get 7-days Free Trial upon registration and get access to all premium features. Once the trial period ends, select a pricing plan that suits your needs.


Q3) Does Dialboxx charge commission?

No, Dialboxx doesn't charge any commission or any hidden charges.


Q4) Can I connect my own domain?

Yes, you can connect your domain name with your website on Dialboxx. If you don’t have a custom domain yet, you get a free sub-domain with Dialboxx.


Q5) Can I customize my website?

Yes, you can choose from multiple theme layouts and 100s of colors to make your website standout.


Q6) Can I accept online payments?

Yes, you can accept online payments from your customers ordering online. Dialboxx also facilitates you in integrating with other payment providers.